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Do you struggle with prayer?
So many of us do.

In this short book, Alistair Begg combines warmth, clarity, humor, and practicality as he examines Paul’s prayers for the Ephesian church to show ordinary Christians how to pray like an apostle.

Alistair Begg draws from the book of Ephesians to examine the apostle Paul’s prayers for his friends in the church in Ephesus.

Hear a sample read by Alistair Begg:

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Janet Parshall, Kevin DeYoung, Joni Eareckson Tada, and others share what Pray Big has meant to them.

Using his renowned teaching skills, Alistair uses this book not only to instruct us how to pray but to show how our prayers reveal what we believe about God. Read this to learn who you are speaking to and what you need to say to him. Get ready to have your prayer life radically changed.

Janet Parshall Host, In the Market with Janet Parshall

I love this book. It comes from the heart of a seasoned pastor to the hearts of men and women who desperately need help in our prayers. I was challenged and convicted, and yet also moved to devotion to God and to a fresh conviction of the wonder of the gospel of the Lord Jesus. There is a rich combination of scriptural clarity and pastoral warmth. And I love the way the book is laced with hymns, songs and poems, too!

Christopher Ash Writer-in-Residence, Tyndale House, Cambridge, UK; Author, Zeal without Burnout

For most of us, the discipline of prayer is the hardest one to master. That means we need more motivation and more instruction to strengthen our resolve. I am thankful that Alistair provides both for us in Pray Big. Here is a book that can reignite your heart in prayer.

John MacArthur Pastor, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California; President, The Master’s Seminary

Prayer is so important, and so difficult, that we always need more good books on prayer. With the aid of the apostle Paul and many good hymns, Alistair teaches us how to pray for focus and for hope, for true riches, power, and love. Alistair writes with a biblical simplicity and a pastoral sincerity that will help you not just feel like you should pray, but feel that you can.

Kevin DeYoung Senior Pastor, Christ Covenant Church, Matthews, North Carolina; Author, Crazy Busy

When we get to heaven, we will finally understand how our smallest and most feeble prayers shook the nations and advanced Christ’s kingdom in ways we never dreamed. At that point, I don’t want to whine, ‘Bother! Why didn’t I pray bigger?’ The book you hold in your hands is your best guide to offering up larger-than-life praise and intercession. So turn the page and begin voicing prayers through which God delights to work!

Joni Eareckson Tada Founder, Joni and Friends International Disability Center


Read four of Alistair Begg's prayers from the book.

Gracious God, thank you for opening the eyes of my heart, enabling me to see that in Christ you have given me ‘every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places.’ Forgive me for the times when I allow other things to cloud my vision. Help me to live looking to Jesus, so that I can learn to view everything in light of this reality—that from you and through you and to you are all things. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.

Heavenly Father, I confess that I am often fearful and tempted to look for fulfillment and security in things that promise but do not deliver. Help me to deal with experiences of disappointment, defeat and sadness as one who has been reborn to a living hope by the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. Thank you that this sure and certain hope stands the test of time and strengthens me as each day demands. Lord, let me see the certainty and the glory of the hope to which you’ve called me. Let calm and confidence flow from that, Lord. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.

Father, may my praying always show me to be one of your children. You are a generous God, giving me abundant blessings. Thanks you that your supreme gift is the gift of yourself. Yet how easily and quickly I forget you, and focus instead on earthly, flimsy treasure. Your word tells me that if I know how to give good gifts to my children, then how much more will you give your children all that we need and far more than we deserve. Thank you that the cross proves the truth of this to me. Please help me to live out that truth today. In Christ’s name I earnestly pray. Amen.

Father in heaven, I thank you for the gift of prayer. Even though there are some things that are a mystery to me, I know that this is a necessity—and I exercise the privilege fully confident in both your ability and willingness to do far more than I could ever imagine or guess. Help me to ask then for big things, for the sake of your glory and through your matchless power. Enable me to pray big. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.


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So many of us struggle with prayer. Many books have been written on the subject, and there’s a reason for that. Prayer comes hard to most of us, in most seasons. And when we do pray, we often don't know what to say. What is it that my Father loves to hear about? What are the best things I could pray for my family, my church, and myself?

This short book by renowned Bible teacher Alistair Begg combines warmth, clarity, humor, and practicality as he examines Paul’s prayers for his friends in the church in Ephesus. Paul clearly enjoyed prayer and was excited about it. He expected his Father in heaven to hear what he said and to act in other people’s lives accordingly. The truths that underpin and shape his prayers will motivate us to pray and set us an example.

So be inspired by the apostle Paul to pray bigger and pray better as we look to our heavenly Father to do more than all we ask or imagine!

  • Specifications: Paperback, 112 pages, 5.1" x 7.8" x 0.3"
  • Chapters:
    1. Dependent
    2. Spiritual (but Not Impractical)
    3. Pray for Focus
    4. Pray for Hope
    5. Pray for Riches
    6. Pray for Power
    7. Pray for Love
    8. Can This All Really Happen?
    9. Who Will You Pray For?

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